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  • Meet Ja'Quoi Griffin

    Ja’Quoi Griffin has a smooth voice and an easygoing personality; that’s how God designed him.

    The crooner of Benton Harbor, MI has gospel quartet music roots. His grandmother, the late Doris Joseph, was a member of the Vocal Aires Gospel Singers (of Benton Harbor, MI) for 45+ years, which is where Ja’Quoi first began to discover his love and passion for music. His gift and understanding of his purpose were primarily cultivated while serving as worship leader at Stones Church (Pastors Joel + Yvonne Brooks).

    Like Abraham, he has been called to leave his home and comfort, and to launch out into the deep of a new promise. He relocated to Dallas/Fort Worth, TX in 2015 on a command from God, leading him on a journey that would allow him to trust God in new ways and redefine what it means to live by faith.

    Since relocating to Texas, Ja’Quoi has had the opportunity to serve in ministry with many, including Chris Wesley & Undignified Praise, which he has served with since 2015. He continues to pursue God’s plan and serve God’s people through music.

    His latest music project, REST IN GOD, was released in July 2020 after the death of his mother Jalita Ann Joseph. This CD is refreshing and guaranteed to minister to the hearts of listeners, reminding us of God's promises. Ja'Quoi's authenticity and transparency in this project reminds us that God is still God in the midst of everything we face. REST IN GOD is now available on all digital music outlets.

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